You Can Still Lose Weight With Emotional Eating

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Emotional eating is a major issue for so many people but it can be controlled and in some cases stopped. Therefore, you can experience weight loss contrary to what you see and hear. There are steps you must take in order to get control of your emotional eating. Don't let it keep you at a dormant state when it comes to your weight loss.

It is as a way to soothe negative emotions that range from stress to worry to loneliness. When you eat emotionally you don't give healthy foods a single thought. It is always fattening and horrible foods you put in your body. You never say "I am so stressed; I think I will eat a salad." Absolutely not! You go for the chocolate, salty, and fattening foods. It normally occurs when you are feeling very weak. Why don't those weak moments drive you to exercise? Instead it drives you straight to food.

I want to give you some pertinent keys to help with emotional eating. If you are currently an emotional eater then it is time for you to break the vicious cycle. You must put forth the effort to figure out the reasons you use food as a coping strategy. If the emotion arises and you have the urge to eat you need to take a few minutes to think and question yourself. If you can't handle this alone then get some support of go and see a professional. Your main goal is to stop emotional eating. It will not go away on its own.

Purchase a spiral notebook because you will need this to help correct emotional eating. When you have the urge to eat write in your spiral book why you want to eat? What is going on with you that is making you want to put unhealthy and fattening food in your mouth when it is not meal time? If you are at work write on a piece of paper and put it journal when you get home. If you don't have access to pen and paper then you need to have an internal conversation. You will need to do this over the next week. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself

1. Why do I want to eat in the first place?
2. Am I really hungry?
3. Do I truly have hunger pangs?

These are very important questions that will help you breakthrough the cycle of emotional eating. Be truthful when you answer the questions. Especially #2 and #3. You must link pain to emotional eating so you will stop it. You must find the reason you engage in emotional eating. Evaluate every situation that is causing you to eat. This is the beginning stages of breaking the emotional eating. Take every word you read seriously and put forth the effort.

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You Can Still Lose Weight With Emotional Eating

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This article was published on 2010/03/30