Build Consistent Momentum To Attract Clients

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If you’re not getting the results you want in your life coaching practice, it’s because you haven’t mastered the art of manifestation. Becoming a successful life coach and learning how to attract clients consistently is a function of your own creative powers. You’ve probably heard and read a lot about manifestation, about the law of attraction. You may have watched “The Secret.” You’ve probably experienced that your affirmations don’t always work. You may even have become frustrated and given up because you just can’t manifest what you want.

The three biggest reasons people fail to manifest are the following. First, you don’t know what you want. It’s not specific and measurable. Second, you don’t believe you can get it. Third, you ask for something that’s way outside what you believe you can get. What you want has to be measurable. It has to be something your mind and body can focus on. Vague goals never get achieved because there was never a goal to begin with.

When I talk about asking for something that’s too big, what I mean is that what you want to manifest needs to be incremental. Step by step. Everyone has a mental and emotional box that produces all their results. And to produce something way outside your current box takes a lot of reprogramming of your fears, beliefs and emotional makeup. What a lot of life coaches do is they ask for something way outside of their comfort zone. They write down as their goal to earn $100,000 when they’ve never had a coaching client, they’re in massive fear, and they currently work at Pizza Hut. (For me, it was Papa John’s.)

Then what happens is they give up. The excitement wears off. The affirmations stop. They get frustrated and stop everything. This is mostly because they need to have some big result happen right now, and they don’t want to do the work for it. They want something for nothing. They need to have this money come in, so they can feel good about themselves and feel successful. Don’t make this mistake.

You have to make your goals incremental. Bit by bit. Your intentions need to be a bit outside of your emotional box, so that way you can grow and expand. But your goals need to be halfway believable. They can’t be so far outside of your realm of possibility that you automatically give up. And only YOU know what’s outside of your comfort zone. Not anyone else.

My first client was $200. That was way outside my comfort zone. Then I had to go to $500, then $1,500, then $3,000. Bit by bit. I kept increasing what I thought was possible. Learning the art of manifestation is a great way to grow.

The next step is that your affirmations need to be highly emotional. Why? Because all the results you produce in your life are a result of the energy running through your body. Emotion is how you channel your energy. The emotional states you are consistently operating in are the cause of what you produce. This is your mental and emotional box I was referring to. So to achieve your new goal, you have to expand that emotional framework. You have to break up the old patterns and write in the new patterns. You have to let go of the current fear and emotional states that are holding you back. And you have to reprogram in the new emotions and beliefs that would allow your intentions to happen.

And there are many things that work. Afformations, where you ask a question. Stating your affirmations in the morning and in the evening. Writing out your affirmations every day. Mind movies. Visualization techniques. But the key is that it all has to be emotional! The most powerful thing I’ve found are the Incantations that Tony Robbins teaches. With Incantations, you are using your whole body. You use music. You become highly emotional, so emotional that you break your old fears because of your piercing emotional intent. This step is even more important than any action you might take. You have to get yourself into the space of belief.

Once you believe, then you need to take concerted action and effort. But action that you take from your old beliefs only result in you creating what your old beliefs produce. So make sure the action you take is from the emotional state of your new beliefs, the space of possibility and belief that your new goals can happen.

And then once your goals finally manifest, it often happens outside of your own direct efforts. The universe or the divine takes care of the manifestation. You don’t. This is the law of attraction. You change your beliefs. You work your butt off. The universe takes care of the manifestation, seemingly not as a direct result of anything you’ve been doing. But the universe never would have caused it to manifest to begin with if you weren’t taking the necessary steps to change your beliefs and to take consistent action.

If you follow all these steps and create this as a habit in your life, you will build powerful momentum. Make sure to practice these steps. Learn the art of manifestation. Get some small wins. Start out with baby steps. You may be awkward at first. But keep going. Commit yourself to the practice of it. Learn how to do it. Try it out. See if you can do something small, and then keep going. Keep building. That’s how you get to those impossible goals in the future. Step by step. That’s how you become a successful life coach and build a powerful coaching practice. Through the art of manifestation.
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Build Consistent Momentum To Attract Clients

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This article was published on 2010/12/17